If you’re looking for elegant contemporary furniture at incredibly low prices, KennynElvis is your mecca. Our customers love our unique pieces crafted by aesthetically sensitive designers and engineered for excellent durability.

Pleasing rooms that comfort the senses

Elevate the look and feel of your personal and workspaces. Make your entertaining areas feel more welcoming. The KennynElvis range evokes minimalism and quality, creating feel-good spaces.

Functional furniture for different rooms

We can be your one-stop shop for bedroom, dining, hallway, living room and home office furniture. Our furniture fits nicely in apartments, single family residences, mansions and cottages.

Prices that don’t make you think twice

We’re able to offer competitive prices as we operate our own factory in China and manufacture at nearly 5%-20% cheaper costs than in the United States and major European countries.

Reliable quality that reflects in the design

China offers advanced production capabilities. Although some sellers may focus only on lowering price at the cost of quality, we optimize costs without sacrificing solid construction.

Responsive and friendly customer service

Our dedicated customer service team is always on the ball. We try our best to get back to you within a business day. We request you to reach us online with your questions, assistance and feedback.

Our interior design influences our subconscious. Make simple changes around your home to benefit your emotional health.

We all feel the need to continuously adapt our behaviors at home and our work spaces to information that is emotional. A few minutes a day relaxing in a comfortable, uncluttered and visually calming environment rests our senses, clears our mind and helps us see things in a new light. If you don’t have the luxury of a lush private garden, the favorite area of your home may be the place you escape to or meditate in. Scientific studies have shown that a room’s color, lighting and furniture can affect our mood. The right choice of furniture can support your emotional wellness within the confines of your home.